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The Founder of ProVisional Shot has been a golf enthusiast for over 20 years. With the luxury to play hundreds of courses throughout the country he realized there was nothing to guide the player from the tee box. Pictures of hole layouts on scorecards and hole markers are good directions, for driving your cart. Pixellated satellite images are a slight improvement. Still, there was nothing beneficial for the golfer. After years of research and creativity, ProVisional Shot created the ideal concept to assist the player and most important course establishments. Knowing with todays tough economy and the overall need for course profitability, we have created a way to make everyone happy, its free.

With thousands of golf swing improvement devices, videos and golf tips on the market to help lower your score they are all for nothing if you are golfing in the dark. Allow us to turn on the light. At ProVisional Shot we give you the vision for all uncertainties off the tee box.

The player experience and a good round is what brings them back. Get repeat visits from guest simply by providing some light when they're in the dark. After all, the most important thing is "Have the vision before the shot".

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